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" Being from the Midwest, we have a strong work ethic. We do common sense things like being one time or calling ahead if we are running a little behind, returning phone calls promptly and delivering the best service possible."

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 Mike and Kathy Rodier are the owners of Absolutely Spotless Carpet & Tile Cleaning.  We are a small, local family owned and operated business. We are not a franchise. We started our business here in this beautiful desert in 2006 after moving from Illinois where we owned and operated Above and Beyond Cleaning Specialists, a carpet cleaning company and commercial janitorial service. Our success is based on our focus of delivering the highest degree of customer satisfaction and quality of work as possible. Over 20 years of experience, skill, attention to detail and constant pursuit of knowledge in the textile and hard floor care industry allows us to provide the best service possible to our valued clients. We have paid to attend classes, seminars and conferences and are required to pass written skill tests to receive our certification. Mike is an expert at his profession. Many people in the carpet cleaning industry buy equipment and a van, but have received little or no training in the chemistry and know-how of proper carpet cleaning. Over the years I hear many stories from my customers that their carpet took days to dry or that it resoiled much faster because their cleaners left residue in their carpet due to an insufficient and improper cleaning process. People who hire us want skilled professionals in their home and aren't necessarily looking for the cheapest price. A cheap price usually means shortcuts are taken and quality is sacrficed. 


 LOW MOISTURE CARPET CLEANING: * Encapsulation is a leading technology in the carpet cleaning industry.
* Dirt is removed with the crystallizing process.
* Low moisture cleaning allows for a faster drying time than steam cleaning.
* Encapsulation has no offensive odor.
* Encapsulation method will not leave chemicals in the carpets.
* Encapsulation does not use any hazardous chemicals and is safe for children, pets and the environment.    SPOT AND STAIN REMOVAL SPECIALISTS    Pet stains, red stains, grease, gum, blood, wine, coffee, cola, permanent marker, cosmetics, ink and more!   STAIN AND SOIL GUARD PREMIUM CARPET PROTECTION ALLERGY TREATMENTS FOR CARPET, RUGS, UPHOLSTERY AND MATTRESSES. ON SITE RUG CLEANING UPHOLSTERY CLEANING   TILE AND GROUT CLEANING    We have a multi-step process that will make your tile and grout look brand new again.    Thorough vacuuming to remove dry soil, hair, debris, etc. Acid cleaning of grout, the most effective way to clean cementious, porous material such as grout. Machine scrubbing of tile and grout to agitate the cleaning agents and promote dissolution of soils. Rinse and extraction of all detergents and cleaning agents. Grout sealing with high quality sealers.  


  Step 1: Pre-Inspection  We will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet to identify any areas of concern. You will also be given advice on how to maintain the carpet for longer life. We will discuss stains, spots and other problem areas and give you an evaluation of expected results.   

Step 2: Commercial Pre-vacuum  Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning. Studies have shown that about 70 % of soil in carpet is dry soil such as sand, dirt, hair, pet dander and contaminants that get brought in from outside.   

Step 3: Furniture Moving  Our regular pricing includes cleaning traffic lanes and  open, exposed areas. We will move small reasonable items that customer points out to us.  Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place.  


Step 4: Pre-conditioning of high traffic areas followed by encapsulation cleaning    A preconditioning agent is applied to break down traffic area soil and general spots for more thorough cleaning. Difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.     

Step 5: General spraying with encapsulation spray  A neutral PH encapulation spray is then applied to all the carpet. Every carpet that we cleaned is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind. This also leaves your carpet soft and fresh.    

Step 6: Soil Removal  The carpet is then thoroughly cleaerinsed with a powerful orbital cleaning system that removes soil by absorption using thick absorbant cotton pads without overwetting the carpet. This has an agitation factor that steam cleaning does not provide. This leaves the carpet damp, but not soaking wet.  

Step 7: Post Spot  Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra treatment with our many specialty spotting solutions. Contrary to what the TV commercials show, all spots cannot be removed by one spotting agent.    

Step 8: Apply premium carpet protector (20 cent per sq. ft. value) Repels spots and extends carpet life. Carpet protection actually forms a shield around carpet fibers to protect it against the damaging effects of soil being ground in to the fibers, especially in high traffic areas, which create irreversible carpet damage.  It works on the same technology of a teflon pan. It forms a barrier around carpet fibers which makes dirt easier to remove when vacuuming, spottting and especially for future professional cleanings.    

Step 9:  Grooming or Raking  Your carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave. Post grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.     

Step 10: Post Cleaning Inspection  We will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.   

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